Staying active in Thailand

Looking for the best of both worlds? Come and experience staying fit and healthy in Thailand! There is an abundance of fitness activity happening in both Thailand’s serene nature, and their great cosmopolitan cities. Enjoy an active lifestyle while out in Thailand’s woodland settings, or one of their many beaches. Looking for something a little more upbeat after your nature retreat?Don’t worry,you will be able to find just that in the lively and beautiful city of Bangkok and others too!

First things first. No matter where you are, it is likely that no vehicle will be needed. If you are visiting the city of Chiang Mai there are rental companies all over such who offer decent rates. Cities in Thailand are easy to get around by foot. Do you love to bicycle as part of staying fit? Renting a bicycle in cities like Bangkok is very easy and is a great wait to travel around or have some fun at a park while keeping active. Thailand also has an abundance of bicycle tour companies that can take you on many different tours. If you are looking for a great fitness challenge you can even travel across Thailand by bicycle! Check out companies such as Thailand Green Ride for tours. They specialize in giving you the best of both of your fitness worlds, the city and the countryside.

How about some more simple things you can do in Thailand as part of your every day work out routine? Thailand is booming with temples that are great for incorporating stairs or incline into your walk or run while sightseeing at the same time. Looking for something a little more calming or relaxing? Try your jog, aerobics, or workout routine on one of Thailand’s beaches (all close to Bangkok) like Koh Samet beach!

Yoga, an increasing popular way of staying fit in the west is also very popular in Thailand. Many retreat to Thailand every year just for their amazing yoga scene. There are many options available in and outside of the major cities. You can retreat to Thailand’s intimate jungles, beaches, or skyscrapers for many classes and more. Check out Yoga Elements Studio for a great cosmopolitan view of Bangkok.

Martial Arts are also very popular in Thailand and it is not hard to find classes. Whether you want to keep up something you have already started or try something new, Thailand has plenty to offer in the martial arts category.

One thing travellers who are looking to stay fit or train in Thailand should always keep in mind is to be aware of the presentweather conditions and climate you are in. Bangkok can be very hot and humid, which is great for really getting a great workout but it is important to always stay hydrated and keep the essentials with you such as water and sunscreen. Great athletic gear and light clothing will go a long way as well and provide better comfort inthe foreign environment you are training in.

Thailand is a great place to stay fit while relaxing or having fun, you can try new things or stick to your trusted routine while experiencing a new environment!