Healthy body, Healthy Mind

Education is important but there is more than one way to make yourself smarter than studying. In fact, keeping a healthy body naturally breeds a healthy mind.

Exercise is one of the most pivotal ways of achieving this as it really can be a tonic to the mind and the body. Firstly, the science behind it is quite impressive. When a person exercises they stimulate their joints and get them in good working order. Furthermore, when someone exercises they release endorphins which naturally make the individual who is participating in physical activity more happy. This is supplemented by the production of serotonin which comes from the brain. This is a natural ‘feel-good’ chemical which balances the brain’s mood and has been proven to fight the negative effects of depression. Exercising causes the body to secrete more serotonin and increase someone’s wellbeing. After a person has done a bout of intensive exercise they naturally feel a sense of satisfaction as they know that they have done something productive and which will help their mind and body keep in optimum health.

When someone is studying intensely, exercise can often be the tonic which helps regulate the mind and offset any stress which may come from studying (exams and education are very stressful as they have so much importance that are attached to them). After a person has exercised and got out in the fresh air they may feel much more like studying as they have had a break and a natural tonic to alleviate any stress that they may have been experiencing prior to exercising. There have also been studies that exercise has been proven to improve concentration which makes sense as exercise can regulate the chemicals in the brain and deter any negative thoughts which may pervade the mind. As well as the ability to keep concentration levels up, exercise also helps people remember things better and retain an increased amount of facts and information. This may because exercise keeps the mind and the body healthy but it also could possibly be because it allows time for reflection and thought as a lot of exercise is often done individually.

Other ways to keep you mind sharp include playing games. Playing games allows you to open your mind to new ideas and strategies but in a fun way. Friendly competition keeps the desire to do better each time, games like chess, backgammon and even bingo. Bingo is not exactly a strategy game but it is a great way to unwind and be social with friends, it is also extremely good fun to play with the chance of winning a bit of cash. It is also a reminder that you can not control the outcome of everything, sometimes you need to let the chips fall where they way and feel content about it. You can

Reflection is an important commodity to keep your mind in good health. In life things can sometimes get to us and we need to take time out to ensure that we keep our reserves of energy up. The other thing that is useful about a break is that it gives some time for contemplating things and it often gives us a fresh perspective on our life and helps us to see things clearly. Sometimes taking a step back can help us to take about 3 steps forward. Having a positive mindset is conducive to achieving everything that you want to. Often if you think you can do something then you will be able to do that. Furthermore, if you have an optimistic outlook on life, this will allow you to become more congruent with yourself and possibly even discover what you were meant to do in life.