Healthy body, Healthy Mind

Education is important but there is more than one way to make yourself smarter than studying. In fact, keeping a healthy body naturally breeds a healthy mind. Exercise is one of the most pivotal ways of achieving this as it really can be a tonic to the mind and the body. Firstly, the science behind […]

Staying active in Thailand

Looking for the best of both worlds? Come and experience staying fit and healthy in Thailand! There is an abundance of fitness activity happening in both Thailand’s serene nature, and their great cosmopolitan cities. Enjoy an active lifestyle while out in Thailand’s woodland settings, or one of their many beaches. Looking for something a little more […]

Health and Safety in the Workplace

Health and safety in the workplace are serious issues. If people don’t pay attention to safety regulations accidents can happen and people can be injured or even killed. It’s no laughing matter. But it sometimes seems like the people who make instructional safety videos missed the memo because some of these videos are freaking hilarious. […]