I’m Kayleigh Bartlett From Sotton in the UK. As a very active person I have been healthy for most of my adult life. I attribute this success to a joy of living life and taking part in sports, running and pushing myself in a healthy way.

Today in the UK we have a problem of obese and or overweight children and adults. This is a complicated issue and not just a case of people being lazy and stupid. There is a lot of misinformation out there, not just from the general public but many healthcare professionals have been brought up learning and teaching methods that are just not correct. Don’t get me wrong, i believe in doctors and nurses, most things they prescribe and inform are correct and based on hard evidence or facts. It is only the subject of nutrition and general well being they seem to fall short on occasion.

I hope to keep you informed about what I have learnt over the years and give useful tips that anyone can apply to their own life.