Active ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy

keep kids healthyStatistics show that there has been an increase of children in the UK who are either obese or overweight. This presents a serious issue because many health problems can stem from being overweight. Heart disease, diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea, bullying, and even shorter life spans are just a few of these issues. The next generation should be encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyles so that they can live long, prosper, and make the world a better place.

Some great ways to help children lose weight are to manage their eating habits and encourage physical activity. Any cardio activity that raises the heart rate while the body is in motion is great for weight management. Practicing healthy eating habits and managing portion size are important. Children should be eating home cooked meals composed of lean meats and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fast food, which is high in sodium, should be limited. Being sure that children are eating well rounded meals containing lots of fruits and vegetables, limiting sugars and fatty foods, and only serving them enough to sustain them until the next meal is important. Do not let them overeat. Some children eat simply because food is present and they can see it, not necessarily because they need it. Scheduled meal times also help with structure. Routines where children are conditioned to eat at a certain time help to regulate appetites.

Water intake is another important factor. Staying hydrated and cutting out sugar filled beverages helps greatly with overall health, even dental health! Water helps to keep the body flushed out and clean.
The top 10 ways to encourage children to exercise and be healthy are:

  1. Encourage participation in a sport. Kids love to play team sports like soccer, basketball, football, softball, kickball; especially if their friends are playing too. Other options for kids who may not be interested in team play include karate, gymnastics, tennis, and sports like track and field.
  2. Limit time spent indoors. Encourage outdoor activities such as hopscotch, jump rope, four square, and hide and go seek.
  3. Limit time spent on electronics such as video games, cell phones, tablets, TV’s, and computers.
  4. Be the example, be an active parent! Kids imitate what they see their parent/guardian doing.
  5. Get out of the house. Have lunch in the park. Placing children in situations where they don’t have the option to not be active.
  6. Skip the elevators. Instead, encourage kids to take the stairs.
  7. Have older toddlers/children walk instead of making it easy, going for convenience, and using a stroller.
  8. Use your pets! Have the kids take the family pet for their walk. Encourage them to play games like fetch and chase with the dog.
  9. Make chores fun! Mowing the grass, putting things away in the house, vaccuming, dusting, and even washing and putting away dishes or clothes are all activities that keep the body in motion!
  10. Trade in candy bars for fruits and vegetables when it comes to snack time. Fruits and vegetables are also a great source of energy that is a healthier alternative to sugary, fatty foods.

Stay Healthy and Active

It is important to stay healthy and active as there is a multitude of disadvantages which come with being overweight and out of shape. If one is overweight then they are on the path to become obese which can really decrease the quality of your life. It can lead to respiratory problems and even a heart attack even in some extreme cases. People who are overweight can also suffer from low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence dustay activee to their body image issues. It can lead to depression and leave people stuck in a cycle of comfort eating and self-loathing which is a place where no-one wants to go to. This is why it is so important to stay in shape and keep trim and active.

In the UK it can be hard to stay in shape as the weather conditions are not particularly favourable. However, there are still some ways that you can stay fit in the UK and also have fun whilst you are doing it. Football is one such activity that you could participate in as it has some really good health benefits. It could be classified as a cardiovascular activity which strengthens you heart and overall fitness and makes it less likely for you to get an illness, making it a very worthwhile thing to do. There are other things that one can do to stay in shape as well. Yoga is a great thing to partake in as it has several advantages for your health and well-being. It is essentially like meditation just more active. It cleanses both the body and the mind and has been scientifically proven to improve the mood of an individual. Furthermore, its also a relatively low intensity activity so people of all ages and body shapes can do it without experiencing discomfort. IT can be quite enjoyable, just like football but in a more individual sense.

Cycling is an individual pursuit which has similar impacts on the body to yoga although it is more concerned with boosting the strength of joints rather than the holistic workout which yoga provides. You can see new places and significantly boost your stamina and lower the risk of your body developing illnesses like Arthritis or other assorted ailments. Furthermore, it can really alleviate the pain of any existing complaints that you may have such as knee pain. Running is also a great way to see new places and explore whilst giving your fitness and mood a much needed boost.

Eating the correct foods is another great way to stay in shape. Avoiding confectionary products and fast food is the first step to keeping in shape as they provide so many harmful toxins and chemicals which the body finds it hard to deal with. Fruits and vegetables are the cornerstone of any healthy diet and contain a multitude of minerals and nutrients which really can improve someone’s health. Dairy products are another must for the calcium they contain which strengthens bones.

healthy mind

Healthy body, Healthy Mind

Education is important but there is more than one way to make yourself smarter than studying. In fact, keeping a healthy body naturally breeds a healthy mind.

Exercise is one of the most pivotal ways of achieving this as it really can be a tonic to the mind and the body. Firstly, the science behind it is quite impressive. When a person exercises they stimulate their joints and get them in good working order. Furthermore, when someone exercises they release endorphins which naturally make the individual who is participating in physical activity more happy. This is supplemented by the production of serotonin which comes from the brain. This is a natural ‘feel-good’ chemical which balances the brain’s mood and has been proven to fight the negative effects of depression. Exercising causes the body to secrete more serotonin and increase someone’s wellbeing. After a person has done a bout of intensive exercise they naturally feel a sense of satisfaction as they know that they have done something productive and which will help their mind and body keep in optimum health.

When someone is studying intensely, exercise can often be the tonic which helps regulate the mind and offset any stress which may come from studying (exams and education are very stressful as they have so much importance that are attached to them). After a person has exercised and got out in the fresh air they may feel much more like studying as they have had a break and a natural tonic to alleviate any stress that they may have been experiencing prior to exercising. There have also been studies that exercise has been proven to improve concentration which makes sense as exercise can regulate the chemicals in the brain and deter any negative thoughts which may pervade the mind. As well as the ability to keep concentration levels up, exercise also helps people remember things better and retain an increased amount of facts and information. This may because exercise keeps the mind and the body healthy but it also could possibly be because it allows time for reflection and thought as a lot of exercise is often done individually.

Other ways to keep you mind sharp include playing games. Playing games allows you to open your mind to new ideas and strategies but in a fun way. Friendly competition keeps the desire to do better each time, games like chess, backgammon and even bingo. Bingo is not exactly a strategy game but it is a great way to unwind and be social with friends, it is also extremely good fun to play with the chance of winning a bit of cash. It is also a reminder that you can not control the outcome of everything, sometimes you need to let the chips fall where they way and feel content about it. You can

Reflection is an important commodity to keep your mind in good health. In life things can sometimes get to us and we need to take time out to ensure that we keep our reserves of energy up. The other thing that is useful about a break is that it gives some time for contemplating things and it often gives us a fresh perspective on our life and helps us to see things clearly. Sometimes taking a step back can help us to take about 3 steps forward. Having a positive mindset is conducive to achieving everything that you want to. Often if you think you can do something then you will be able to do that. Furthermore, if you have an optimistic outlook on life, this will allow you to become more congruent with yourself and possibly even discover what you were meant to do in life.


Do we Need Sports Shoes?

Running Shoes

Running shoes provide support in the midsole and padding and reinforcement in the heel. You hit the ground with two to three times your body weight when you run, and so it’s prudent to wear footwear designed specifically for the activity.

The type of foot you have and your running style will determine the shoe that you purchase. One way is to just look at your foot. A more accurate method is to examine your footprint by either running in the sand or on paper with wet feet.

The first thing to do is determine your foot strike. Foot strike describes how your foot hits the ground. There are three types of foot strike:

  1. Pronation Foot Strike: Pronation is the term to describe when your arch flattens on foot strike and your foot rolls in. If you’re looking at your foot, you’ll know you have flat feet if you don’t see any arch. The bottom of your foot, from your toes to your heel, is completely flat. If you do the footprint test, your print will look like a foot-shaped blob. You won’t see an inward curve from your big toe to your heel. You’re probably a pronator if the inner edges of your shoes wear out. Your running shoe needs to be one that maintains stability. Look for words such as motion control and/or stability.
  2. Supinated foot strike. Supination is the term to describe high arches that don’t flatten. If you do the footprint test, your print will curve inward, making the middle part of your foot look very skinny. When you push your hand against the bottom of your foot, your arch will stay rigid. If your arch doesn’t flatten and your foot doesn’t roll in at all, then you lose shock absorption on foot strike. Excessive supination can lead to ankle sprains, Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis. You’re probably a supinator if the outer edges of your shoes wear out. If you have high arches, you probably supinate or under pronate, which means your feet roll outwards as you run. It’s very important that runners with high arches periodically re-measure their feet because running will cause their arches to gradually fall, making their feet longer. Look for flexible running shoes with a soft midsole with the words cushioned and flexible.
  3. Neutral foot strike: An efficient amount of flattening of the arch is called “neutral” foot strike. This provides plenty of shock absorption and enough energy for you to have a powerful push-off. If you’ve examined your foot or your footprint and it doesn’t look flat-footed or high-arched, you most likely have a neutral or normal foot. Your footprint will have a noticeable curve inward, but not by more than 3/4 of an inch. This is the most common type of foot and there is a wide variety of shoes for this type of runner. Stay away from running shoes that have a lot of stability or motion control.

Tips for Purchasing the Best Running Shoe:

  • Bring your running socks and try both shoes on. If one foot is larger than the other, buy the larger size.
  • Shoes should feel comfortable right away.
  • Get fitted at the end of the day when your foot is at its largest size.
  • Allow wiggle room for all toes,
  • Find a reputable shoe store in your area that sells running shoes. Choose one that has runners as sales consultants.

Wearing the correct running shoe may help to prevent injury to your feet, ankles and legs.

skate shoes

 Skateboarding Shoes

Are skate boarding shoes necessary? Technically, no. Skate shoes are made to help you skate better.

What to look for in a skate boarding shoe:

  • Flat, grippy shoes with extra wide soles. Helps you hold onto your board better.
  • Puffy, moon –boot style with extra padding. The extra padding on the sides and the tongue protect while doing technical tricks.
  • Thin, classic style skateboarding shoes. Improves how much you can feel the board while doing tricks.
  • Typically Vans shoes cover all these aspects well and have been used for many years, since the start of modern skateboarding. Find more info at

Bowling Shoes

Bowling is a sport that requires specialty shoes, whether they are your own or rented. Bowling shoes should not ever be worn outside. Avoid going outside with them, especially in the rain or snow. Also, you should not wear them into the bathrooms or walk through spilled food or drink in the bowling alley.

These shoes have virtually no tread on them. This is because they need to be able to slide when releasing the ball down the lane. The approach at the bowling lane needs to be flat, moderately slick and free of debris also.

Pro Bowling Shoes: Each shoe in a pair of performance bowling shoe serves a different purpose. One bowling shoe is for sliding, and the other is for braking and is designed specifically for right or left-handed bowlers. The shoe for sliding is the one opposite of the hand you bowl with. Bowling shoes with padded linings and collars, and cushioned insoles will not only provide extra comfort. They can also provide extra support and stability by minimizing the movement of your foot within the shoe. This added stability can improve balance, and thereby improve your performance. For maximum comfort and coolness, you will also want to look for bowling shoes that have breathable uppers.

For the occasional bowler, the rental shoes provide you with the ease of the slide. If you bowl more often or are grossed out by wearing someone else’s shoes, then by all means, purchase your own.

Football Shoes

Football shoes, or cleats, or studs, are available in many varieties and can be chosen according to the position you play and the type of field you play on.

Choose a football shoe based on your playing position.

Buy high-top football shoes if you are a lineman, because the high-tops will provide extra support for your ankles.

Buy mid-cut football shoes if you are a skill player such as a quarterback, wide receiver, defensive back or running back, because mid-cuts will allow you to maneuver easier on the field.

Low-cut football shoes can also be worn by skill players, but provide less ankle support than mid-cut shoes. Low-cuts are generally lighter in weight, but provide a higher level of maneuvering flexibility to support quicker movements.

Also different types of shoes based on your field position are important.

Molded cleats: If you consistently play on the same field or the same type of field.

Detachable cleats: For versatility if you travel to, and play on, a variety of field types.

Long cleats and more than 12 studs: These will provide you with the best traction if you play on wet, grassy fields

1 inch cleats: If you generally play on muddy fields.

Half-inch cleats: For the best traction on hard-packed, natural grass.

Leather: For increased flexibility and to help your feet breathe easier.

Synthetic materials: For extra support or reinforcement in the ankle, mid-foot and forefoot regions.

Staying active in Thailand

Looking for the best of both worlds? Come and experience staying fit and healthy in Thailand! There is an abundance of fitness activity happening in both Thailand’s serene nature, and their great cosmopolitan cities. Enjoy an active lifestyle while out in Thailand’s woodland settings, or one of their many beaches. Looking for something a little more upbeat after your nature retreat?Don’t worry,you will be able to find just that in the lively and beautiful city of Bangkok and others too!

First things first. No matter where you are, it is likely that no vehicle will be needed. If you are visiting the city of Chiang Mai there are rental companies all over such who offer decent rates. Cities in Thailand are easy to get around by foot. Do you love to bicycle as part of staying fit? Renting a bicycle in cities like Bangkok is very easy and is a great wait to travel around or have some fun at a park while keeping active. Thailand also has an abundance of bicycle tour companies that can take you on many different tours. If you are looking for a great fitness challenge you can even travel across Thailand by bicycle! Check out companies such as Thailand Green Ride for tours. They specialize in giving you the best of both of your fitness worlds, the city and the countryside.

How about some more simple things you can do in Thailand as part of your every day work out routine? Thailand is booming with temples that are great for incorporating stairs or incline into your walk or run while sightseeing at the same time. Looking for something a little more calming or relaxing? Try your jog, aerobics, or workout routine on one of Thailand’s beaches (all close to Bangkok) like Koh Samet beach!

Yoga, an increasing popular way of staying fit in the west is also very popular in Thailand. Many retreat to Thailand every year just for their amazing yoga scene. There are many options available in and outside of the major cities. You can retreat to Thailand’s intimate jungles, beaches, or skyscrapers for many classes and more. Check out Yoga Elements Studio for a great cosmopolitan view of Bangkok.

Martial Arts are also very popular in Thailand and it is not hard to find classes. Whether you want to keep up something you have already started or try something new, Thailand has plenty to offer in the martial arts category.

One thing travellers who are looking to stay fit or train in Thailand should always keep in mind is to be aware of the presentweather conditions and climate you are in. Bangkok can be very hot and humid, which is great for really getting a great workout but it is important to always stay hydrated and keep the essentials with you such as water and sunscreen. Great athletic gear and light clothing will go a long way as well and provide better comfort inthe foreign environment you are training in.

Thailand is a great place to stay fit while relaxing or having fun, you can try new things or stick to your trusted routine while experiencing a new environment!

Health and Safety in the Workplace

Health and safety in the workplace are serious issues. If people don’t pay attention to safety regulations accidents can happen and people can be injured or even killed. It’s no laughing matter. But it sometimes seems like the people who make instructional safety videos missed the memo because some of these videos are freaking hilarious. Case in point, this video from Germany about the various dangers of ignoring the safety guidelines when operating a forklift.( more info at )

That video doesn’t pull any punches, and from the overdramatic acting and blood spraying effects it appears that it is meant to be humorous. Or Germans are just really into bloodspurts. The thing is though, none of the points it makes are bad points or wrong. Forklifts are dangerous tools, and people can and absolutely do get injured or killed because of safety negligence around forklifts. So why make a funny video about it? Universities don’t make funny videos about women getting assaulted on dark trails at night. They give lectures intended to horrify their students into shivering under the covers by 8pm rape whistle at the ready. But in traditional health and safety training the funny videos keep piling up.

This video, like the German forklift murderfest above, uses humor to get the point across that working on a construction site is dangerous. It’s the Dumb Ways to Die of workplace safety. Only, it uses actual dumb ways that people actually die to try to remind you to strap on the safety harness when welding on the 31st floor. The ridiculous thing about these videos is how absolutely horrific the funny parts really are. If the situations both of these portray were real you wouldn’t be able to watch this video. How many people had to leave the room when watching Red Asphalt in Driver’s Ed? The deaths in these videos are no less gruesome, but they’re showcased as hilarious situations that you’d probably want to avoid in real life.

Of course, not all safety videos are so popcorn worthy. Take a look at this video from Australia on The 10 Commandments of Workplace Safety.

The points it makes are valid, and it does actually show some real, bloody workplace injuries. It’s so boring though it’s hard to watch all three minutes, and this is just the shortened version. It almost seems specifically designed to tune you out. Quick, name the seventh workplace safety commandment. Can you? Do you even remember the first? If you had to take a quiz on this about 98% of you would probably fail. So does the humor help? After watching a funny video are you more likely to strap on your harness? Maybe. I can tell you that when I worked in a warehouse we violated every single rule put forward in that German forklift safety video, and if I went back to that warehouse and showed those guys the video they’d crack a few ribs laughing then go right back to violating all the safety regulations. But I can also tell you they’ll remember that video to their dying day, while the 10 Commandments will be forgotten by lunch. So are funny safety videos more effective? Probably. At the very least they make workplace orientation less of a drag, and I think that’s a cause we can all get behind.

Stay Fit and Healthy in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best places to stay fit and healthy in the world. With the country’s abundance of natural terrain and never-ending coastlines, it is the perfect place for getting out of that dreadful treadmill routine. But if you are looking for something to do inside on the rainy days of an unpredictable climate, there are also many gyms and yoga classes readily available. Zew Zealand has caught onto the popular CrossFit trend, and runs a CrossFit gym in the country’s capital city Wellington.

Before taking part in anything that might be risky it is important to make sure you haveyour insurance in order. pushing your heart rate to its limits running there is a chance something could go wrong. Doing things like crossfit there are many variables at play. You could seriously injure yourself without the proper technique. Luckly there are many providers in newzealand and prices are fairly cheap.

Cycling is very popular in New Zealand and the country offers many different trails for seeing it’s great outdoors. Full of mountainous terrain, it is a great place to reach new athletic heights and view points. Hiking is also very popular. Active Adventures New Zealand specializes in providing the best tours and outdoor adventures for people looking to be active while in the country, and offer trips on both the North and South Islands. The country is also famous for their NGA Haerenga cycling trail project that aims to create connecting trails across the country. Citizens and visitors can experience all of New Zealand’s natural sounds and views while staying fit. Summer and Autumn are the most popular times for being active, but there are also many trails and adventures available in Spring and Winter.

Now of course, what can you do to stay fit in all of that water? Kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and surfing are also great ways to stay fit while in New Zealand. Surf N’ Snow tours offers many classes for those looking to surf along the beaches, as well as skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Between the North and South Islands there are over ten great beaches to get active in the water, or try a run or workout routine along their long coastlines. Sports such as rugby and soccer are also very popular, and visitors have no problem finding a great park or field to throw a ball around or play a fun game. There are also many places to rent kayaks or go on tours. New Zealand Sea Kayak Adventures offers kayaking tours and camping trips as another great way to explore the outdoors and stay fit. Waka ama racing has also increased in popularity, and involves canoe and rowing races for the active person looking to try something new. Research has shown that staying fit in the outdoors is better for the mind and body and increases happiness, something we can definitely experience when keeping fit in New Zealand!

5 Ways To Stay Fit and healthy In Ireland

fitness irelandPhysical activity is important to your health. There are many health benefits to being active. It will make you feel better. You will have more energy to do every day things. It will add years to your life. Being active will reduce your risk of diseases. People in Ireland want to be fit and healthy. There are several ways for people to stay fit and healthy in Ireland.

There are practical things you can do to get fit. The tips are easy and anyone can do them. You can walk to stores instead of using the car or taking the bus if you are not that far away from it. If it is far away and you need to drive to the store, don’t park by the store. Try parking far away so you can walk to the store and get a workout in the process. While you are at the store, take the stairs instead of the lift. This will give you a chance to get an aerobic exercise.

Buy DVDs to use at home. If you want to save money, you can buy exercise dvds. You can work out in the privacy of your own home. You can work at your own pace and not have to worry about keeping up with people. You can exercise during the day or night regardless of what the weather is doing.

Turn household chores into workout opportunities. You can do squats while you are cooking or doing dishes. You can also walk in place. You can sneak in a workout by gardening or sweeping. You can also get a good work out while you are vacuuming. They all give you a chance to work out your arm muscles as well as your back and legs. There are plenty of chores you can do around the house to get your body moving.

Dancing is a great workout. You can do this at home or while you are out in the club. You don’t have to be a good dancer in order to get a workout. All you have to do is move to the beat. Dancing is fun and almost anybody can do it whether you are a skilled dancer or not. You can dance alone or with a partner.

You can also work out while you are at work. You can park farther away from the building so you have to walk back. Just like at the store, you can take the stairs instead of the lift. If you sit at a desk all day, you can do isometric holds. Isometric holds are target areas that you will keep tight. You can squeeze your stomach muscles as well as the butt muscles

In addition to working out, you have to eat right. You need to incorporate more healthy foods in your diet. Try adding more fruits and vegetables to your meals. Also, drink plenty of water.

These are some of the ways people in Ireland can stay fit. It is important to your health to eat right and work out. There are a lot of health benefits to staying active. By making little changes, you can reduce your risk of developing health problems.